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Kaaranjji - Spirit of Youth .... Spirit for Life , Releasing this 12th at your Favorite cinemas.

Defining ‘Music' is an attempt that people are making since time immemorial. Still there are no particular words that define music. Yet people try to do the impossible and here is our attempt. Music is divine, its serene, something that knows no boundary, knows no limitations, something that brings the world together and something that's as clear and as pure as a baby's smile. For those who have the heart to listen, every sound that we hear is music. But for us mere mortals, every sound produced cannot be music. When the tranquil ocean of music is disturbed by the intrusion of the materialistic aspects of the world, even the ‘so called' music starts sounding like noise, a very harsh, unpleasant noise. Man seeks relief through music, but all his attempts go in vain as today's music fails to soothe. And that is because we try to ape something that doesn't come naturally to us. We as a society are in the middle of a serious identity crisis. Today's generation may well be equipped with all the comforts of life, (courtesy: the flourishing MNC's and the IT sector) but still there is that yearning for serenity, calmness and peace of mind. There are a million questions unanswered.


Its time we get a reality check, its time for us to realize that our traditions, our history and our heritage hold all the answers for our questions. Whatever new attempts we make, it should sprout from our traditional roots. And through this endeavor, we very proudly introduce the new phenomena – KAARANJJI, a new kind of Kannada music band.


The title 'Kaaranjji' refers to something very youthful, exciting and enthusiastic. And just like the fountains, KAARANJJI exudes new hopes, aspirations and more than anything else, it exudes faith. 'Kaaranjji' – the band constitutes of four boys and a girl, all enthusiastic and rearing to go.